You have more choices in your life than you can imagine…

I was born with a rare bleeding disorder and was raised up in the belief that compromises are the key to a happy, successful and healthy life… I was told that the only way to have a bright future is to suppress my wishes and go for what is on a long run a better choice. Intellectually it makes a lot of sense to make decisions in favour of better future but from a practical point of view, you are wasting the only true things you have – present moment and your health. In order to reduce the possibility of suffering due to my condition I took many decisions that I knew were not what I really wanted but were a »better choice« for me. Ironically however what was supposed to ensure a better future made me miserable, anxious, depressed, tired, the pain came back and my health noticeably faded away. I wanted a bigger sign in order to give myself the permission to do what I felt already for a long time… the need for change. I was scared, not sure what to do and honestly, I was too comfortable in uncomfortable. I stopped compromising my life only after two accidents had happened and I realized that I am in for the third one if I don’t do something. Thanks to my condition a was able to observe the connection between my emotional state and bleeding episodes and trust me, every human body suffers in one way or another when we are unhappy. 

Unfortunately, there is a big chance that you too are making compromises on daily bases in hope that one day you will reach fulfilment… something that you can experience only in the moment by being true to yourself.

After I decided to go for a life true to myself and quit my engineering job unexpected opportunities started to show up, I became certified as HearMath coach and I begun coaching. My health immediately improved while working with people brought to my life joy and fulfilment. So I work with people just like you, people who want a life of purpose, health and joy but are stuck and not sure how to move away from many years of compromises. The way I can support you are the following:

C.A.R Intensive

Create Another Reality intensive is the fastest way to move past your current beliefs around your life and thus change your present and future. We spent together one whole day in the beautiful nature of Slovenia where coaching start as soon as I pick you up and ends only after I drop you off. The purpose of such a day is to get clarity and momentum that you are currently lucking in your life. We look at your life outside the environment that conditioned you to live such a life in the first place, explore what is holding you back, what you really want and how to create a life in which fulfilment and health are the main focus. As soon as you return home in order not to waste gained momentum and clarity we start with weekly sessions. I support you for another two months after which your results will speak for themselves and you will be able to continue on your own. To find out more about this program click the button below.

1:1 Coaching

Being a powerful individual you don’t really need a coach and I am guessing your track records proofs it. But there is something in your life that doesn’t feel right, is out of control and you have no clue on how to tackle it. It is nothing wrong with you however you have blind spots that are holding you back. As a powerful coach, my role is to hold a mirror for you to shed light on previously unseen things that need to be to addressed in order for you to finally move forward in your life. To learn more about how I can support you click on the button below.

Group Coaching

Group coaching is right now open exclusively for patients with bleeding disorders. I was born with severe Haemophilia A and despite having treatment available I suffered a lot and my joints were damaged to the point where every single step was a painful experience. To this point, I shared the same experience as millions of patients around the world however one day I dared to challenge what I knew about my condition! I begin the search for ways to help myself… many years past but eventually my life was transformed. The pain was gone, I started to run again, climb mountains and I figured out how to avoid bleeds … If you are having similar struggles that I had than this group is made exactly for you. I will share everything I found out, my wins, my failures and help you incorporate new ideas into your own life.  To find out more about this program click the button below.


Being born with severe Haemophilia A is a life of big struggles, however, I also see it as a gift. Many bleeds into my joints caused joint desise which resulted in pain and early stages of disability. I was told that nothing can be done and that over the years things will get only worse. I was close to despair but I never gave up! Pain motivated me to search for ways to alleviate it and to ask myself tough questions about the meaning of life. To make the long story short I was able to help myself, pain was gone and I was able to run again and climb mountains. Along the way, I learned how the human body is affected by emotions and why it is crucial to learn to handle them. But something was still missing… I was not living out my purpose and thus was unfulfilled, miserable and my health was slowly in decline. However, everything changed after I decided to live a life true to myself, a life without compromises. So my message is the one of hope and true human potential and also about the key to a fulfilled, productive and meaningful life. If you want to find out more about how I can inspire your crowd click the button below and contact me.