Let me guess, you are different?

You perceive life differently than the majority and since you remember you walk on the paths least travelled where you are discovering that life can be much more than what you were thought it is. Even though you believe that everything is possible and you are open minded about the chance that you create your own reality you are not experiencing it yet. Due to all compromises, pleasing of others, and neglecting yourself you feel unfulfilled, miserable, not understood and lonely. You want to stop concealing yourself, positively impact the world with your work and have a joyful life experience.

How do I know that?

Due to the law of attraction, I can attract into my experience only people with a similar vibration, and this is the reason why we probably share a similar life story. In my life I was for many years stuck in between worlds and I couldn’t truly live a »normal« life and nor a life of a man who consciously creates his own reality. Despite unfulfilling life, I didn’t make any changes because of two reasons. Firstly, it was still pretty comfortable and secondly I had no idea how to create my own reality.

I took responsibility for my life only after the second accidence.

Before the first accident, I was miserable for already a year. During that period of my life I sometimes felt depressed and anxious while my health was in decline. At that time, I was not able to see the connection between the state of my health and how I felt, however, while recovering from the accident I started to realize it. But when I was back at work the routine helped me to suppress the feelings I had about my life and I was back pretending that everything is fine. But then in exactly one year, the story repeated itself and I had another accident! This time I was aware that if I don’t change anything I am in a line for another one. I took full responsibility for my experience and decided to start my own business and create a life which will allow me to have a positive impact on the world. I had no idea what I am getting into, what I am going to do or how to consciously create my own reality. I embarked on a long journey that was full of uncertainties and gave me the chance to learn skills that allowed me to start a new chapter of my life.

You create your own reality!

You live in a universe where everything has its own vibration and where similar vibrations attracts each other. Because of this law of attraction, you attracted into your life every single experience (relationships, finance, health, success …). You are never out on a limb. You are constantly being guided and the language of your inner guidance are feelings. By knowing this, you know everything about the nature of this reality. This is all you need to know in order to change the world and live a joyful life.

What can I do for you?

Regardless of what you would like to achieve in your life, you want it because you are expecting to feel joy afterwards. I can help you create two thing, lasting joy and fulfil your wishes. But working with me is not about goal setting, actions or stretching your comfort zone. Working with me is about inner work that leads to effortless actions and breathtaking results.




We work together for a longer period of time. Our sessions take place in the comfort of your preferred setting and are done using video calls.


This is an intense one or two days long event for individuals or groups that take place in beautiful nature.


I love to give speeches and inspire. Do you have another idea? Let me know, I might be interested.


You are interested and want to find out more details about what I have to offer?

You’ll get all the information after we get to know each other and found out if we would like to work together. So, if you feel that what I’m offering is something for you, please do reach out using the below contact form or email: info@iamuros.com.


Contact me.

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