Health challenges allowed me to perceive life differently.

I was born with a rare bleeding disorder and consequently, my childhood was full of physical and emotional challenges. Luckily the expensive treatment that is used to stop the bleeds was available in my country and it helped me to prevent severe disability or death. But I still had a lot of painful bleeds in my joints and muscles and thus spent a big part of my childhood in the hospital. There I read a lot, which helped me to develop the habit of reading that later on served me well when I was searching the library for the clues about human potential.

As a kid, I knew that impossible doesn’t exist and that I have a chance to heal myself.

The awareness that there is a chance to heal myself, returned in my early teens while reading a book about a wizard boy called Harry Potter. After I read the first book I started to wonder where is the line between the fact and fiction. At that time many bleeds already affected my joints to the point where I was in constant pain. I had troubles walking and I couldn’t run anymore. Doctors weren’t able to help me and I was on my own trying to find a way to do impossible and alleviate the suffering. I went to the library and put my hands on every book about spirituality. Even though books gave me many proofs that everything is possible I had to wait more than 10 years before I was able to help myself.

My own proof that everything is possible came at the age of 21 in form of two experiences that from the medical point of view shouldn’t happen.

The first experience came out of an energy healing session which led into total remission of pain. The second one, where I realized the power of my mind, happened a few months later when my emotions triggered a heavy bleed. But with the bleed came back also the chronic pain which became the main motivation for my personal development. Let me give an example. One day I was in such a pain that I couldn’t stand it any more. That evening I tried to find some solution online and came across an interesting book about the ancient secret of the flower of life. Information in that book blew my mind and influenced my beliefs. Because of what I read in the book I went two years afterwards to a workshop about the power of the human heart where I found out about an interesting diet. I was so intrigued by the diet that I tried it out and in a weeks time, I was free of pain! The pain helped me to learn new things about the nature of our reality and in the end also to be able to run again and even climb a mountain Krn (2244m).

Even though I experienced literally a miracle, my life was one big compromise and I was still miserable.

University degree in mechanical engineering was a compromise of childhood dreams to be a pilot. I accepted an engineering job in the automotive industry because it was close to home even though I was thinking about going abroad and work in the aviation industry. I felt lonely and wished for more connection and that’s why I pleased people and neglected my needs and truth. Due to all compromises, I wasn’t living a life I wished for and I was unsatisfied. I  was anxious, desperate and I felt powerless. All these were clues that I was going in the wrong direction but unfortunately, I didn’t know better.

Yet another warning that something is wrong came in the form of health decline.

Again I didn’t react and thus it was simply a question of time when something more serious would hit me. This is how two accidents came about. After the last one, I finally admitted myself that despite what I achieved in my life I am miserable. This realization hit me so strongly that I quit my job without knowing what am I going to do next. I knew that supporting people is something I am good at and I decided to give it a try.  I got certified as HeartMath mentor/coach and I was confident that I will be able to start a business and create a life of my dreams, but what happened was far different. My health did improve but in business, nothing went as planned. I went back to books in hope to find an answer for the challenges I faced and found countless methods and processes that were promising the results I wanted. But nothing didn’t feel right, I felt like something is missing and I continued my search. For a year I was just reading books on scientific research dealing with human potential and wrote articles about it for a magazine Sensa. I made progress only after a friend suggested me to look into the law of attraction. This suggestion was a game changer for me, I finally felt that this is it.

Law of attraction is a universal law.

Everything that I read about the power of consciousness regardless of whether the source was a scientific study or esoteric teaching had the same information; our life is created with the thoughts we are thinking. Even though I came across this information already as a teenager, I wasn’t able to really grasp the potential of this idea. Now however it was different because I’ve already had a number of experiences where I saw the connection between my thinking and experiences I was having. So after years of researching spirituality, the whole picture finally came together and I had a foundation to rebuild my life upon.

It took me nearly 20 years to find out that the meaning of life is joy and that lasting joy doesn’t come from outside circumstances but that it’s an inside job. Being joyful is a skill, that I’m improving on a daily basis and I can’t imagine going back to my old way of living. My new life is more fun, effortless and stress-free, the bonus is that I attract into my experience all that I wish for.

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